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Apt Technologies, Promoted by technocraft entrepreneurs in the year of 2003, Coimbatore, India.
Apt Technologies is a company of Customer-Specific Packaging Solutions with emphasis on State-of-the art Packaging design and Service close to customer facilities.

Apt, with a product portfolio includes Industries such as Garments, Engineering, Corrugation, Oil Mills, Pharmaceutical, Textile Made Ups, Knit &Woven garments, Textile mills, Food Processing, Leather, FMCG, Floor Tiles, Granites, Wooden Packing case, Shopa, Furniture, Spring Mattress Industries etc., Apt Pack answers to each market requirement.

Apt has seven years of experience in harnessing the power of packing there by allowing our customers to establish a customized unique packing system .We have rich and sound technical testimony accompanied with timely services that always keeps us ahead. Apt is proud of its fully satisfied customers around the country.

Apt Technologies Proud to be the Indian Distributors for Basso, Packway, STEI and BDS branded tools and machines. We promise you the International Standard Products being imported from the Pioneers of packing Systems and Modern Fabrication that drives the best return for your investment.

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Apt Tools & Machinery India Pvt Ltd.,

Authorized India's distributors of world class Packing m/c, tools & related Consumables.

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New Era Tools & Machinery India Pvt Ltd.,

Authorized Providers of BASSO Make Impact Wrenches.

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Our product implementation and transition was quite smooth. Apt always responded well whenever there was an issue to be sorted out.

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Sample text for about the highlights, features of the products. Sample text for about the highlights, features of the products.

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This is the first time i bought from APT, Received the nails in 3 days.

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